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Science in Motion (SIM)

Science in Motion (SIM)

Taking hands-on laboratory experiences to middle and high schools throughout northeastern Pennsylvania 

SIM Van photoScience in Motion provides middle and high school students with access to advanced science experiments, equipment, and instruction for enhanced STEM learning – all at no cost to the school. Mobile educators visit schools with all supplies needed for a variety of science experiments.

SIM also offers professional development for teachers through workshops and interaction with other secondary teachers and university faculty.


Founded in 1987 at Juniata College, 10 colleges and universities currently serve over 200 school districts in Pennsylvania. Wilkes University joined the consortium in 2002 to serve northeastern Pennsylvania.

This statewide resource-sharing program is funded by the Pennsylvania legislature and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

How SIM Works

Secondary teachers contact the Wilkes SIM mobile educator to schedule a visit. Our mobile educator will bring prepared laboratory kits and equipment right to the school, providing access to equipment not typically available in secondary schools. Mobile educators train teachers on the use of labs and equipment and, if requested, they can team-teach or lead classes through the activity. 

Why Use SIM?

With the need for STEM-based education increasing rapidly, Science in Motion provides students with hands-on experience without straining budgets. SIM helps students advance their educations and compete for positions in a workforce where knowledge and use of current technology is imperative.  

Your students will become detectives as they use forensic evidence to solve a mystery. They’ll take science poolside as they analyze the SPF of sunscreen. These are just two of the ways Science in Motion brings real-world chemistry applications into your classroom. Check out the full list of available chemistry labs to see what else students can do. 

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From analyzing strawberry DNA to monitoring the effects of exercise on blood pressure, check out our full list of available biology labs.

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Science in Motion labs often use equipment not typically found in middle and high school science departments. We can bring the equipment to you at no cost to your district.

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