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Wilkes University

Admissions at Wilkes University

Admissions at Wilkes University

Chase HallWe've been in your shoes, sifting through a mountain of viewbooks from countless competing universities all promising small class sizes, of course. 

You're buried in endless comparisons of minimum SAT scores, student-to-faculty ratios, and pretty campuses ( take a tour of our campus here ).  All of which start to look very similar very quickly.   

Here's the simple truth: A good student will do well at any school. But what transforms good students into great learners, great thinkers, and great people are caring, involved, compassionate professors who treat students as equals and challenge them to strive toward greater accomplishments.

Very few people achieve anythingAC Online Top College of significance entirely on their own.

At Wilkes, you'll find someone who believes in you. You'll form relationships that last the rest of your life, and you will most definitely stand out from the crowd.

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Freshman StudentCurrent high school students (including those with college credit) or high school graduates who have not attended a college or university.

  • Applicants are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis
  • Guaranteed Seat Pharmacy application due by February 1 each year

Freshman Requirements

Academic Calendar & Schedules

Transfer StudentStudents who have attended a college or enrolled in the military after graduating from high school.

  • Applicants are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis

Transfer Requirements

Academic Calendar & Schedules

International StudentStudents who have studied at a foreign secondary school or university or require a visa to study in the U.S. International students do not hold U.S. citizenship, are not permanent residents of the U.S., or do not hold resident alien status in the U.S.

  • Spring (January start date)
    • Residing outside of the USA: November 15 
    • Residing within the USA: December 10
  • Summer (IEP only, May start date)
    • Residing outside of the USA: March 15
    • Residing within the USA: April 15
  • Fall (August start date)
    • Residing outside of the USA: June 15
    • Residing within the USA: August 1

International Requirements

Academic Calendar & Schedules

Former degree-seeking undergraduate students returning after two or more terms away from the University.

  • Applicants are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis

Please contact Judith Wienckoski for more information.