Wilkes University

Undergraduate Application Processes & Requirements

Undergraduate Requirements

High school preparation should include a college preparatory curriculum with:

Undergraduate Requirements
  • four years of English,
  • three years of mathematics,
  • two years of science (including a laboratory component),
  • three years of social studies and, if available,
  • introduction to computing.
Additional courses should be elected in academic subjects according to individual interests. Students whose preparation has not followed this pattern may still qualify for admission if there is strong evidence that they are prepared for college work.

Admission Tests
The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) of the College Entrance Examination Board or the Achievement College Test (ACT) is required of all applicants. Students should plan to take one of these examinations in the fall term of their senior year, although many applicants take the exam in their junior year. Wilkes is a member of the College Entrance Examination Board.

Students communicating with the Educational Testing Center in Princeton, New Jersey, or in Los Angeles, California, should refer to the Wilkes University code number 2977.

In addition to the requirements above
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science,
Engineering, Mathematics, and Clinical Lab Sciences majors
should have at least three years of college preparatory mathematics courses (including algebra II, geometry, and topics in trigonometry) to be prepared to take MTH 105 or 111 (calculus) in the first term of the freshman year.

Students without this background are advised to take, preferably in the summer preceding entrance, MTH 100 (algebra and trigonometry), offered at Wilkes, or an equivalent course at another college or university. Credits in such remedial courses will not exempt the student from any required course in these programs.

Nursing majors are required to have completed
  • four units of English,
  • three units of Social Studies,
  • two units -- including algebra -- of Mathematics, and
  • two units -- including biology and chemistry -- of Science.
Theater majors are required
to audition for, and interview with, the department faculty.

All Transfer students must have an overall GPA
of 2.0 or higher from all post-secondary institutions.

Pharmacy majors should review their prior or current coursework for
  • two semesters (8 credits) of General Biology with labs,
  • two semesters (8 credits) of General Chemistry with labs,
  • two semesters (8 credits) of Organic Chemistry with labs,
  • one semester (4 credits) of General Physics with lab,
  • one semester (4 credits) of Calculus,
  • one semester (3 credits) of Statistics ,
  • one semester (3 credits) of Mircroeconomics, and
  • one semester (3 credits) of Oral Communications.

If you will have completed these courses prior to your intended enrollment at Wilkes, please complete the Professional Pharmacy application.

If you have not completed these courses, you may complete an undergraduate application. We advise that you schedule an appointment with the Transfer Student Coordinator in the Office of Admissions to discuss your enrollment options. Learn more about requirements for Transfer Students.

Wilkes University partners with ZeeMee, a free service that helps students present an online profile. We are committed to reviewing every applicant as a unique individual. If you wish, you may sign up at ZeeMee.com and provide a link to your profile here. This is not required for admission to Wilkes.

Acceptance of Admission & Deposit
After receipt of the secondary school record, secondary school recommendations, and SAT or ACT scores, the Admissions Office acts upon all applications. Notification of action is sent immediately.

Resident and Commuting students should guarantee their place in the entering class by forwarding a $300 deposit to the Office of Admissions by May 1.

The University accepts a limited number of applications for the spring semester. Procedures are similar to those followed in the fall semester.