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Study Abroad

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected there is the need for college graduates to learn how to effectively fit into this new world.

Employers in the 21st Century are increasingly seeking candidates with many of the skills gained through study abroad, such as the ability to effectively work and communicate with people from different world cultures. It is for this reason that Wilkes places a high premium on Global Education, at the core of which is study abroad.


Spain | Semester Abroad

Universidad Pública de Navarra, Pamplona Spain. Pamplona, Spain boarders France. The program offers courses in Business, Economics, Management and Agriculture.

Colombia | Semester Abroad

ICESI University a private university in Cali, Colombia, students will continue to pay their normal tuition and fees to Wilkes. This program offers courses in Business, Natural Sciences, Humanities and Health.

Wales | Semester Abroad

Wilkes students who study at University of Wales at Trinity Saint David (TSD) in the United Kingdom will continue to pay their normal Wilkes tuition and fees to Wilkes and pay room and board to TSD. This program offers courses in Business, Education, Cultural Studies, History, Creative Writing, Social Justice, Sports/Health & Outdoor Edu, Theology/Religious & Islamic Studies etc. 

England | Semester Abroad

The University of Birmingham, England offers a study abroad program with a long-standing reputation for attracting high quality students from across the world.

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For more information on these programs and how to apply, contact Dr. Jeffrey A. Stratford at jeffrey.stratford@wilkes.edu

Costa Rica

Dr. Andrew Miller (3 credits)

As an international service-learning course, this class will work with the El Coco community of Northwestern Costa Rica on their ecotourism development plan. Students will assist the El Coco Chamber of Commerce with a variety of tasks including an ecotourism business plan, sustainability projects and improvement of green areas in and around the town.

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Dr. John Hepp

Join Professor John Hepp for an interdisciplinary and intercultural experience studying history and culture in London, England, one of the great cities of the world. This is a spring semester course with up to three credits in history that includes seven days and six nights in London in March. There are two sections of this study tour. Wilkes students may take a section of this class (which is combined with online assignments) to fulfill the History 101 general education requirement. Another section, open to all majors, is History 398/498, "London as a Global City," which will consider how London's history has helped shape the modern metropolis we see today. To make the most of your experience, no more than sixteen students will be admitted to both classes. Be forewarned, we will be walking a lot on this study tour! Students will meet once for a pre-planning meeting at the end of the fall semester, on the day in March the trip leaves for London, every day whilst in London, and three times during the spring semester.

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Dr. Linda A. Winkler and Dr. Evene Estwick (3 - 6 Credits)

This course seeks to create a global learning experience for students interested in international social issues, global health, and communication systems. Students in this program will spend four weeks abroad, experiencing cultural immersion in a rural area of Tanzania and learning about the community programs, media outlets, and culture of this part of East Africa.

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Rome, Barcelona, Southern France 

Dr. Wagiha Taylor

BA 464 International Business Experience
Spring Break – (3 credits) variety of European countries.

The International Business trip is offered in the spring semester. You will explore business strategies and cultures of the countries visited; which will introduce you to an exciting learning opportunity.

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For more information on these programs and how to apply, contact Dr. Jeffrey A. Stratford at jeffrey.stratford@wilkes.edu

Learn more about the application process, application requirements for each program, and more including information.

How to Apply

To begin the application process, you need to complete the forms located in the Study Abroad Forms Page. These include: 

Summer and Semester Abroad

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Faculty led trips

*For all travelers, including faculty leaders. Please submit to the study abroad director.

 There are many other study abroad opportunities available to you.

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