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Important Bookstore Textbook Information

The bookstore will begin to return unsold Fall textbooks starting on September 30th!
If you are a student who needs a book, please come to the bookstore and purchase it as soon as possible. If you wait until after September 30th we may have to reorder the book for you causing you a delay in getting it.  If the textbook area is closed off when you come, please ask a bookstore employee for assistance.
If you know that your book will not be used until later in the semester please let us know now. We can attempt to hold the book longer so it will be available for your students when you need it.  If you plan to use the same book again next term, please let us know now as well.
Thank you!

John Chaump
Manager, Store 502
B & N Wilkes-King's Bookstore
P - 570.208.4700 ext. 14
F - 570.970.3442

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Published On: 9/25/2013
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