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Student Spotlight

Mohammed Jalloh

She made me feel comfortable. She didn't sit behind a desk - she sat down with me and talked to me face to face

She's like a second mother to me.

When pharmacy student Mohammed Jalloh first walked through the doors of Dr. Mary Beth Mullen’s office, she said he could be described as “bright-eyed and scared”. Fast forward three years and she’ll tell you how much Mohammed has grown as both a student and a professional in the pharmacy field.

Looking back to his first day and meeting Dr. Mullen, Jalloh remembers feeling as if he was “at home” in her office.

“She made me feel comfortable. She didn’t sit behind a desk – she sat down with me and talked to me face to face,” said Jalloh. That feeling hasn’t changed, and her office has felt like home on campus ever since.

Over the years, Mohammed has been a frequent visitor even if it’s just to stop by and say hello. Both described conversations covering everything from recent classes to family traditions and life in general.

“She’s like a second mother to me. I can come here two or three times a week and we’ll just chat – about anything,“ says Jalloh.

“Every Wednesday at 10, after his biology class, I knew he’d come through my door,” Dr. Mullen added. The visits often included going over a recent test, whether he regarded it as a good grade or one he wanted to improve upon.

Serving as a mentor to Jalloh, Mullen has seen not only academic success, but also professional growth. Watching her student find success has been a very meaningful experience for Mullen.

“It makes me feel proud,” she said. “I feel as though I’m part of his growth into a professional. If I ever have a bad day, students like Mohammed just make everything worthwhile.”

Today, if you walk into Mary Beth Mullen’s office, you’ll find a photo of her with Mohammed that he gave her. It symbolizes more than just a mentoring experience between an advisor and her advisee – it represents a friendship that will continue beyond the walls of Wilkes University.

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