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Office: Stark Learning Center

Room: 318

Phone: 5704084276

Email: zbigniew.witczak@wilkes.edu

Dr. Zbigniew J. Witczak


Pharmaceutical Sciences


Professor and Chair, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  
Ph.D. 1979, Medical University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Lodz, Poland
Zbigniew J. Witczak obtained his Ph.D. from Medical University of Lodz, Faculty of Pharmacy. Lodz, Poland. After postdoctoral work with Roy L. Whistler at Purdue University he briefly worked in industry (A. E. Staley) and joined in 1990 Faculty in School of Pharmacy at University of Connecticut. He moved to Wilkes University, Nesbitt School of Pharmacy in 2000 where he is Full Professor. He has published over hundred research papers and book chapters, edited six books and holds six patents in the fields of carbohydrate medicinal and biological chemistry.

In 1997 he was awarded John S. Burlew Award from the ACS Connecticut Valley Section. In 2000 he was awarded the Melville L. Wolfrom Award from the ACS Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry for his outstanding research contribution to carbohydrate chemistry and service to the division. He is US Representative to the International Carbohydrate Organization.

His research interests are in the area of thio sugars and carbohydrate synthons including Levoglucosenone and L-Arabinose as template for carbohydrate based therapeutics. He is a member of several editorial boards of renowned chemical and pharmaceutical journals. In 2011 he was selected as one of the 2011 ACS Fellows.



  • Mycalamides, Pederin and Psymberin as Natural Carbohydrates and Potential Antitumor Agents: Past and Future Perspectives. Z. J. Witczak, R. M. Rampulla, A. Bommareddy, Mini Review in Medicinal Chemistry, 12, (14), 1520-1532, 2012. 3 Citations, IF 2.921
  • Thio-click Approach to Glycomimetics. Z. J. Witczak, Phosporus, Sulfur & Silicon and the related Elements, 188, 237-244, 2012. IF 0.716
  • Strategies of Coupling Molecular Units when later Decoupling is needed. R. Bielski, Z. J. Witczak, Chem. Rev, 113, 2205-2243, 2013. DOI: 10.1021/cr200338q. 1 Citation, IF 41.298
  • Prostate cancer chemoprevention by major dietary phytochemicals: A minireview”. A. Bommareddy*, W. Eggleston, S. Prelewicz, A. Antal,Z. J. Witczak, D. F. McCune and A. L. VanWert, Anticancer Res., 33, 4163-4174, 2013. 1 citation, IF 1.725
  • Click Chemistry in Glycoscience: New Development and Strategies, Edited by Z. J. Witczak and R. Bielski, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2013
  •  A Potential CARB-pharmacophore for antineoplastic activity. Part I. Z. J. Witczak, T. Poplawski A. Czubatka, J. Sarnik, P. Tokarz, A. L. VanWert, R. Bielski, Bioorganic & Med. Chem. Lett., 2014, 24, 1752-1757, IF 2.338.


  • Chemistry and functionalization of carbohydrate synthons: Levoglucosenone & isolevoglucosenone
  • Chemistry and medicinal chemistry of thio-sugars
  • Chemistry of natural products
  • Click and thio-click chemistry and domino reaction.


  • 2011 ACS Fellow, American Chemical Society, Washington DC.
  • 2006 Elected US Representative to the International Carbohydrate Organization.
  • 2007 President of USA ACCARB
  • 2003 Elected Teacher of the Year , Nesbitt School of Pharmacy, Wilkes University.
  • 2000 Melville L. Wolfrom Award, of the Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry of the ACS.
  • 1997 John S. Burlew , Connecticut Valley Section Award of American Chemical Society.
  • 1996 Elected Teacher of the Year , School of Pharmacy, University of Connecticut.
  • 1995 2nd Prize-Paper presentation at 1st International Glupor Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal.
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