Center for Global Education and Diversity

Diversity is one of our core values at Wilkes.

Through a commitment to embracing our differences, we create a more vibrant, inclusive learning community.

The Center for Global Education and Diversity celebrates the experiences and identities that make us unique. By supporting underrepresented members of our campus, we create opportunities for all of us to grow and thrive.

Our doors are open to all. We offer practical assistance, friendly guidance and a supportive space. We also collaborate with the Multicultural Student Coalition to plan and present multicultural programs, projects and events for the Wilkes University community.

We Serve

  • Students from underrepresented groups based on race, sexual orientation, gender, age or culture
  • International students, faculty and staff, offering assistance with visa paperwork as well as academic, cultural and social orientation
  • Panamanian students, teachers, dignitaries and university guests
  • Those learning English
  • All students seeking to better relate to those different from themselves and who need support

Our Services

International Student Services

If you’re an international student, faculty member or staff member, we are here to help with required visa paperwork, as well as cultural support and programs.

Office of Diversity Initiatives

If you’re a student, faculty member or staff member from an underrepresented group based on your race, sexual orientation, gender, age or culture, the Office of Diversity Initiatives offers a variety of services and programming to help you develop a nurturing, empowering support system on campus.

Office of International Engagement

If you’re interested in expanding the University’s presence abroad and bringing the world to Wilkes, the Office of International Engagement offers a place to share in each other’s languages, cultures and people.

International Engagement at Wilkes

Taking a Stand

The killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and Ahmaud Arbery rocked the nation and lead to honest conversations about how the nation can resolve racial divide. At Wilkes, it led to a semester of advocacy, peace and unity.

Candlelit Vigil at Ralston Athletic Complex

The center helped me completely reinvent myself. It has been an experience I could not receive anywhere else. The growth in my personal and professional networks are all thanks to the office.

Cindy Peralta Nin ’21 | Criminology Major, Global Coffee Hour Coordinator

countries represented by international students on campus


diversity, cultural, inclusion and equity programs hosted annually


cups of coffee served at our popular Global Coffee Hour events each semester 

Get in Touch

The Center for Global Education and Diversity is housed in the Max Roth Building at the corner of South and South Franklin streets.

Dr. Georgia Costalas

Dr. Georgia Costalas

Executive Director of the Center of Global Education and Diversity
Director of International Student Services
(570) 408-7854
Erica Acosta

Erica Acosta

Associate Director of Diversity Initiatives
Crystal Cool

Crystal Cool

Assistant Director of International Student and Scholar Services

Charlie Roner

Associate Director of International Engagement

Madison Becker

International Engagement Program Coordinator

Mary Ellen McLean

Temporary Assistant Director of Diversity Affairs