Wilkes University

B.A. in Digital Design and Media Art

The Medium Is Still the Message.

The computer age has brought with it a new medium of communication. We have changed the way we contact each other, the way we buy things, even the way we think. 

If you want to place yourself at the intersection of technology and tradition, a B.A. in Digital Design and Media Art from Wilkes University will provide you with a compass.

Digital Design and Media Art is an interdisciplinary major that blends a solid design and technology core curriculum with your choice of one or more required minors in Art, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Computer Science, English, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Theatre Arts (Acting and Directing), or Theatre Arts (Theatre Design).

The major is very "real world."

Continual changes in traditional media and technology create career opportunities within feature film, broadcast, independent production, interactive, government and corporate environments. Integrative Media Students with Professor

Students develop skills through projects that simulate business environments and result in the development of substantial portfolios. Students operate in teams to combine their skills and fill core positions -- production manager, producer, director, art director, editor, motion designer, writer, interactive guru, coder, animator, f/x artist, etc. -- of a production studio. From the freshman level through the senior year...students address real-world problems in a close-knit environment that nurtures the growth of personal vision, independent style, and self-exploration.

As a Digital Design and Media Art major, you can flourish in areas such as Design: Static, Motion, Interactive; Creativity; Artistic Expression; Concept Development; Editing: Rhythm, Timing, Emotion; Sound; Compositing; Animation; Interactivity; Advertising & Marketing; Entrepreneurship; Communication: Written & Visual; Project & Time Management; Teamwork; Problem Solving; Real-World Simulation; and New Media. 

Learn how the creative process functions in the production world.

Work creatively. Solve real problems in a deadline-oriented, high-end studio environment. If you are creative, or like to work in creative environments right on the cusp of technology, this is the major for you.