Wilkes University

Department of Integrative Media, Art and Design

Students from Wilkes University work on an integrative media project with help from their professor.

View our student run and operated portfolio

This is where art, graphic design, web design, video editing and production, animation and 3-D modeling come together.

The digital design and media art program prepares you for a career in creative fields such as graphic design, digital marketing or video production, all while learning how to solve problems in a deadline-oriented, high-end studio environment.

Our portfolio is student made as well as operated. It showcases our students most recent work as well as work from students who are now alumni and are working in the design field. You can also see some of the work that Studio 20, our IMAD based club that works with clients for real world experience, has done.

3D Mini Game Design Summer Camp

Monday, July 26 to Friday, July 30
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

This unique day camp will introduce you to the skills you need to craft a game from the ground up. You’ll learn about 3D worlds, game physics and simple user interactions while bringing your game to life with the Industry Professional Unity™ game engine.

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  • Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Social Media Director
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Greeting Card Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Photographer
  •  Studio 20 – This student run design club, serves the campus, and real clients within the community. Check out their activity on Pictame.
  • We get out there – Our students visit art galleries, printers, ad agencies, marketing departments, photo shoots, video shoots and design conferences.
  • Involved Alumni – Our alumni serve on portfolio review committees, and call upon our students for real world collaborations.


As an interdisciplinary major, digital design and media art blends a solid design and technology core curriculum with your choice of one or more required minors in:

  • art
  • business administration
  • communication studies
  • computer science
  • English
  • entrepreneurship
  • game and emergent technology
  • marketing
  • theatre arts (acting and directing)
  • theatre arts (theatre design)

Students of all levels work, learn and collaborate together. Students have 24/7 card swipe access to the IMAD design labs. The design labs are stocked with high tech equipment like Macs, HD video cameras, light kits, wacom tablets and DSLR photography cameras for student use.

With great student to professor ratios, the major emphasizes individual attention and collaboration. Digital design students want each other to succeed, and they push each other’s creative limits. Classes are challenging and teach creative problem solving in a way that is unique to individual skill sets.

"Hybrid professionals are in demand. Creatives with skills outside their specialty are highly marketable. In addition, digital proficiency is becoming a prerequisite for many traditional roles. For example, graphic designers now need to be familiar with web layouts or social media, and copywriters must have knowledge of search engine optimization. Expect this pattern to persist as cross-departmental collaboration becomes the norm." 

- Robert Half

Research at Wilkes

“What we do is examine messaging and its effects on people.”

Lisa Reynolds, Assistant Professor of Digital Design & Media Art