Wilkes University

Future Students

Future Students

Thank you for your interest in the Air Force ROTC program at Detachment 752!

Our program is open to all full-time freshman & sophomore college students in any major attending the following colleges/universities in Northeast PA:AFROTC Students at Spring Commencement

  • Wilkes University
  • Bloomsburg University
  • Kings College
  • East Stroudsburg University
  • University of Scranton
  • PSU – Wilkes Barre
  • Misericordia University
  • PSU - Hazleton
  • Marywood University
  • PSU – Worthington Scranton
  • Luzerne County Community College

The AFROTC Program consists of 3 components, an academic class (1 hr), a Leadership Laboratory (2 hrs) and a group fitness training session (1 hr). 

All components meet weekly on Thursday evenings at Wilkes University.  We also have an additional group fitness session (1 hr) that meets on Wednesday morning.  Students NOT attending Wilkes or Kings are not required to attend fitness training on Wednesday, but must complete an individual workout on their own time.

We also have a NEW 1 & 2 year Accelerated AFROTC Program.  Due to the shortage of USAF officers over the next 2 years, all AFROTC programs nationwide are offering an accelerated program for full-time students (under age 31) in any major who will complete (or currently have) a bachelor’s degree in Spring/Summer 2018 or 2019. 

The accelerated program allows students to complete the AFROTC program in as little as 1 or 2 years, instead of the traditional 4 years.  The accelerated program is an unprecedented opportunity that is being offered starting in Fall 2017 ONLY.  Please contact the AFROTC department at 570-408-4860 or rotcdl@wilkes.edu for details regarding the accelerated program.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your goal of becoming a commissioned officer in the world's greatest Air Force!

AFROTC Registration, Orientation, and Early Move-in:

  • Students enrolled in the AFROTC program are authorized to have a car on campus – contact us for details.
  • Non-Wilkes students can contact us to facilitate carpools at your university if needed. 
  • Enrollment is limited to freshman & sophomore students only (Exception: accelerated program students).

Wilkes Students:  Contact your academic advisor and they can register you for the respective AFROTC class and leadership lab.  Both classes are required. 

Non-Wilkes students (Crosstown Schools): Contact the detachment no later than the first day of class to enroll.  You will not sign up through your academic advisor, however you will need to work with them in order to fit AFROTC classes into your schedule.   To help you plan your class schedule, AFROTC classes are offered the following day & time for the 2017 – 2018 Academic Year;

  • AFROTC Academic Class (AS 101): Thursday 2:30 – 3:20 p.m. – 1 credit
  • AFROTC Leadership Laboratory (AS 103):  Thursday 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
  • Fitness Training:  Thursday 6:00 – 7:00 p.m and Wednesday 6:00 – 7:00 a.m.*

*Required for Wilkes/Kings Students.  All others will complete an individual workout.

NOTE: If you are a sophomore AND starting your 1st year of AFROTC, you will also need to take an additional AFROTC Academic Class (AS 201) held on Thursdays from 1:30 – 2:20 p.m.

It is your individual responsibility to ensure you are properly registered before the start of the semester.

Non-Wilkes students will receive an official Wilkes University transcript at the end of each semester serving as proof of enrollment in AFROTC classes.  You will also receive a free temporary parking pass for the Wilkes campus for use on Thursdays.

Early Move In & Welcome Social:  Students in the AFROTC program who are participating in the New Student Orientation Program on Aug 25th will have the opportunity to move in early on Aug 22nd (all day).  This will allow for students in the AFROTC program to get settled in their dorms and avoid the mass freshman move in day.  Students who participate in the Early Move-In on Aug 22nd will have the opportunity to participate in various icebreaker & teambuilding activities throughout the week to socialize and get acquainted with members of Detachment 752 before orientation day!  Additionally, we will host a voluntary Welcome Social on Aug 22nd from 4:00 – 5:30PM on the Wilkes campus.  This event gives new students, parents, friends and families the opportunity to learn more about AFROTC from department staff.  Current students and AFROTC staff will provide an overview of the program, talk about opportunities & benefits, and host a Q&A session on AFROTC life.

New Student Orientation Program:  We are hosting a voluntary New Student Orientation Program for students new to AFROTC on Friday, Aug 25th from 11AM – 2PM at the AFROTC department office (UCOM Building – Rm. 112) on the Wilkes campus.  New students will complete in-processing paperwork to finalize their enrollment in the AFROTC Program.  Come ready to start your journey as a cadet in AFROTC!

Please check our website (www.wilkes.edu/rotc) for Early Move-In & Orientation updates as times may be subject to change.  We will send an email no later than the 1st week of August with details regarding the Early Move In, Welcome Social & Orientation for those who have signed up.

NOTE: NSOP & Early Move-In is a voluntary event. Both are supervised by active duty Air Force officers and is conducted in an relaxed environment.

Additionally, you will need to bring the following mandatory items with you to the New Student Orientation to finalize your enrollment in the program;

  • Original Birth Certificate Or naturalization certificate (We will make a copy and return to you during orientation)
  • Social Security Card (We will make a copy and return to you during orientation)
  • ACT/SAT score sheet (copy is acceptable)
  • Previous College Transcripts from college attended
  • Any Civil Air Patrol, JROTC or Boy/Girl Scout Certificates
  • Prior Military Service (DD 214 for individuals previously in the military)
  • Military Reserve/National Guard Members (Need contract)
  • Selective Service Registration Printout (males only)

In Order To Start The Registration Process, New Students Must Accomplish The Following Steps:

  1. Complete the Online Registration Form.
  2. Fill out the AFROTC Form 28* and bring a copy with you to the New Student Orientation.  NOTE: You cannot participate in AFROTC without completing the form.  The AFROTC Form 28 must be filled out and signed by any qualified physician/healthcare professional prior to participating in any physical activities with AFROTC. 

    *Must download form to view and print.

Questions? Please call the AFROTC department at 570-408-4860 or rotcdl@wilkes.edu.