Wilkes University

Young Scholars Program - Wilkes University

The Young Scholars Program allows qualified area high-school students to take college courses at Wilkes University at a nominal cost.

Open to Students Who

  • Have successfully completed 10th grade in high school.
  • Are nominated to participate in this program by a teacher, school counselor or principal on an official Young Scholars nomination form. 


Students who enroll in at least one course through this program will be designated a Wilkes Young Scholars for the term.

Upon request, Young Scholars receive:
  • Library privileges at Wilkes.
  • Assistance in career planning, college selection and financing.
  • Preferential consideration in Wilkes scholarship awards.
  • Free admission to most Wilkes University athletic, musical and cultural events.


Young Scholars Program courses cost $50 per credit. A typical ciyrse is three credits and would cost $150. For comparison, regular part-time tuition costs is about $995 per credit.