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International School Leadership

A teacher with a Master's in International School Leadership teaches math in an international classroom.

This online master's degree in International School Leadership is designed specifically for educators who want to assume leadership positions around the world.

The program was designed to address key educational leadership themes and challenges identified by the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE). Offered in partnership with PLS 3rd Learning, Wilkes shares a commitment to improve the quality of international school leaders across the globe.

Collaborative expertise
Our program develops the leadership, instructional and management skills needed to advance and excel in an international school leadership career. The 30-credit program includes seven courses targeting critical leadership topics for international educators. The three remaining courses in the program provide research, educational technology, and communication skills essential for a well-rounded leader.  Recognized by AAIE, this program of study will allow you to earn your master's degree in International School Leadership.

Convenient online learning
The degree is conducted online, and the seven leadership courses are available in two formats: Self-paced where you register and get started at any point throughout the year, and cohort-based where you move through each course with a small group of current and aspiring school leaders.

Our online courses are fully facilitated allowing you to benefit from one-on-one guidance and a high level of personalized attention while learning from anywhere in the world.

Learn how to:

  • manage school operations and monitor resources for a safe and effective learning environment;
  • comply with the various global, cultural, political and legal contexts;
  • develop rigorous and relevant course content using proven strategies and the latest technology trends;
  • foster a culture of integrity by committing to ethical leadership practices, principled personal beliefs, values, and behaviors;
  • develop a vision and mission that’s shared and supported by school stakeholders;
  • cultivate a meaningful partnership with a board that supports the school’s mission and vision;
  • collaborate with community members and effectively utilizing community resources.


International School Leadership Courses (21 credits)

EDIL 5001   Vision and Mission to Guide International Schools
EDIL 5002   Leading for Staff and Student Learning in International Schools
EDIL 5003   Governance in International Schools
EDIL 5004   International School Management and Leadership
EDIL 5005   Building and Sustaining a Healthy International School Culture
EDIL 5006   Ethical Leadership in International Schools
EDIL 5007   Situational Awareness and Diplomacy in International Schools

Core Courses (9 credits)

Required: 9 credits
ED 508 Intercultural Communication
ED 525 Introduction to Educational Research
ED 587 Technology Leadership

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Pathway

The seven International School Leadership courses, when taken post-master's, can be transferred into the Wilkes Ed.D. program. That means only 10 Wilkes doctoral courses, plus a dissertation, are required to earn the Ed.D. For more information on the Ed.D. program, please contact Tori Reigle at +1-570-408-4311 or at tori.reigle@wilkes.edu.

Admissions requirements

For admission to this graduate program, the applicant must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with an appropriate major, preferably in an educational field. In addition, please submit:

  • an online application
  • official undergraduate transcripts from any schools attended
  • two completed graduate recommendation forms

International applicants are also required to submit an evaluation of their undergraduate and graduate transcripts through World Education Services (WES) and an official score from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination.

Download a checklist to keep track of the courses you have taken.