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The master of business administration degree provides students with the business leadership and organizational skills necessary to advance their careers.

Advance your career. Excel in a new one. Start a business. Manage someone else’s. Whatever your professional goals, Wilkes can help you get there, in a mentoring and supportive environment designed for adult learners.

MBA Students

You will leave the Wilkes MBA program with the business acumen, leadership and organizational skills to make an immediate difference in your career. Over 1,800 graduates have chosen Wilkes as their pathway to career advancement, and so can you.

Pursue our core MBA program or choose from new program tracks: 

  • Global business
  • Leadership
  • Management

Wilkes provides students of all academic backgrounds with the leadership skills needed to succeed in today’s competitive business world.

Objectives of the MBA Program

Graduates of the MBA program in the Sidhu School of Business & Leadership emphasize six key competencies. These competencies are communication, decision-making, ethics and social responsibility, leadership, professionalism, and team performance.

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  • The average time to degree for part-time students is two years.
  • Fifty percent of Wilkes MBA candidates are women.
  • Over 70 percent of MBA students agree that their communication skills, decision-making skills, professional leadership, quantitative analysis, and team leadership skills were increased through the Wilkes MBA Program.
  • Three in five MBA graduates hold a position of manager or higher.
  • Most MBA graduates are employed in the healthcare, education, financial services, or manufacturing industries.

Hear it straight from our MBA graduates:

"The most important aspect of my Wilkes MBA education was the opportunity to immerse myself in what we were really interested in. Our educators guided us to communicate ideas, topics, and stories we were most passionate about, resulting in impactful discussion. I use these same insights and tactics to draw out the best in our team members... " - Glenn Lawless MBA '09, Dealer Marketing Manager, InterMetro Industries Corp

"The Wilkes University MBA program was a wonderful experience that prepared me for my career and also taught me how to network, form business relationships as well as negotiate. The valuable lessons I learned from not only my teachers, but also classmates were pivotal in my career development and are still applied today." - Eva Nasilowski MBA '04, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Mark Steinkirchner"The courses at Wilkes focused on companies and issues in today's fast paced business environment. After graduating, I felt more confident in my skills and knowledge, since it had been quite a few years since I completed my undergraduate degree. Wilkes provided the most flexibility for me with the curriculum and faculty I was looking for. I received great support, even personal recommendations from the professors at Wilkes, proving that they don't forget you after graduation. " - Mark Steinkirchner, MBA '07, Manager of Business Services Revenue Management, Geisinger Health System

Rosemary LaFratte"The Wilkes MBA program created a strong foundation for my business career development. The flexibility of the program allowed me to manage my education as well as a full-time sales job. I especially enjoyed sharing real business experiences with students from various industries and specialties. The Wilkes MBA program provided me with the confidence and business skills to achieve my professional and personal goals."- Rosemary LaFratte MBA '97, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Phil Sampona"The Wilkes MBA will separate you in today's competitive business environment. The MBA curriculum and accompanying internship experiences were the building blocks for my career progression." - Phil Sampona, MBA '10, Manager of Supplier Relations, Teva Pharmaceuticals

The Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership is housed in the newly renovated 80,000-square-foot University Center on Main (UCOM) building. The $3 million renovation was designed by a collaboration of ideas among faculty, staff, students and administration with our professional architect.

The school houses a financial market trading room that simulates a New York Stock Exchange trading floor complete with an electronic stock ticker. Additionally, seven smart classrooms, faculty offices, meeting rooms for students, and student club space are included for collaboration of ideas and projects. Eight collaborative team rooms in the UCOM facility enable student teams to display presentations, work together on whiteboards, and breakout for classroom discussions. The rooms are specially located, designed, and technologically equipped to facilitate group work.

The business school provides an ideal setting for a distinctive program that includes both academic coursework as well as classes that focus on personal and leadership development. The building allows space for extracurricular activities, encourages academic integration among faculty and students, and a space with the best technology and environment for success.

ACBSP Accreditation LogoThe Wilkes MBA program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. This distinction shows potential employers, doctoral programs, and professional schools the comprehensiveness and excellence of Wilkes University's curriculum. The ACBSP accreditation creates a competitive advantage over others seeking a career in business or admission into a doctoral program.

AACSB Accreditation LogoThe Jay S. Sidhu School of Business and Leadership is also a member of the Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.