Wilkes University

Program Requirements - Doctorate of Education (Ed.D)

An Ed.D. in Educational Leadership degree allows professionals to advance their careers and gain the appropriate leadership skills for their field.

Program Requirements

Students in the program  can choose from these specializations: 
  • K-12 Administration with Pennsylvania Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility (must hold PA Administrative or Supervisory certificate at time of admission) 
  • Educational Leadership with one of three concentration choices:
    • Educational Technology
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • Leadership Studies

All students must review the Academic Integrity Policy and complete the appropriate acknowledgment form for doctoral students.

Doctoral core courses required of all Ed.D. students:

Leadership: 9 credits
ED 610 Ethics for Educational Leaders
ED 612 Leadership, Diversity, & Societal Change
ED 614 Organizational and Leadership Theory

Research: 12 credits
ED 681 Introduction to Educational Research 
ED 682 Quantitative Methods for Educational Research I 
ED 683 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research I
ED 685 Quantitative Methods for Educational Research II OR
ED 686 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research II

Dissertation: 9 credits
ED 697 Dissertation Proposal Seminar (3 credits)
ED 698 Dissertation Proposal (3 credits)
ED 699 Dissertation (3 credits) 

Select one 30-credit hour area of study:

K-12 Administration 30 credits Leading to Pennsylvania superintendent certification
Required courses:30 credits
ED 623 Educational Technology Leadership (36-hour field experience)
ED 625 Professional Development & Supervision (36-hour field experience)
ED 627 Advanced Issues in Educational Law
ED 628 Human Resource Development & Labor Negotiations
ED 629 Strategic Thinking and Planning
ED 650 Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment (36-hour field experience)
ED 652 Special Education Administration (36-hour field experience)
ED 654 School Finance & Facilities Administration (36-hour field experience)
ED 658 Advanced Studies in School District Leadership (90 hour internship)
ED 659 Superintendent Internship (90 hour internship)

Educational Leadership 30 credits
Required courses: 15 credits
ED 615 Professional Seminar in Educational Leadership

ED 626 Politics and Policy for Educational Leaders
ED 629 Strategic Thinking and Planning  
ED 632 Cognition and Learning
ED 643 Trends and Innovations in Instructional Technology

Concentrations: 15 credits

Select one of three available concentrations

Curriculum and Instruction

Recommended for students who wish to become a faculty member in higher education or work in the area of curriculum design and development.

  • ED 670 Curriculum Theory 
  • ED 672 Curriculum Design and Instructional Models
  • ED 673 Controversies in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Two 3-credit electives from available doctoral level courses which can include: 

ED 679 Internship in Curriculum and Instruction (90 hours)

Educational Technology

Recommended for students who wish to become a faculty member in higher education or work in the field of educational technology in public or private institutions.

  • ED 635 Intergrating Technology for Diverse Learners
  • ED 646 Assistive Technology
  • ED 645 Technology Supported Assessment
  • Two 3-credit electives from available doctoral level courses which can include:

ED 639 Internship in Instructional Technology (90 hours)

Educational Leadership Studies

Recommended for students who currently work in or would like to work in higher education or in the field of educational leadership as a faculty member or as a member of the professional or administrative staff.

  • ED 620 Educational Institutions and Systems
  • Four 3-credit electives from available doctoral courses which can include a 90 hour internship tailored to meet student's career goals