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Wilkes Honors Program

Wilkes University's Honors Program offers students an enhanced academic experience.

Are you a student who expects more from yourself, your peers and your mentors?

The Wilkes University Honors Program offers bright, ambitious students an enhanced, interdisciplinary academic experience. Selected students from across Wilkes majors take part in Honors classes as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities designed to augment intellectual, professional, and personal development and achievement.

Honors students reside in a living-learning community. Resources and opportunities include access to an enhancement grant, unique in higher education, which students can use to help fund study-related experiences such as study abroad or research. Other scholarships specific to Honors students are also available upon acceptance to this program.

Wilkes University Honors students who complete the program will receive special recognition at graduation and a notation of “Honors Graduate” on their transcripts and diplomas.

Application is open only to students
who received an invitation in their acceptance package.

If you have questions, please email honors@wilkes.edu.

Honors Students

In addition to gaining an enhanced educational experience, Wilkes University Honors students enjoy the following resources and opportunities:

  • grant funding to support study abroad, research, or internship experiences
  • Honors housing for first-year residential Honors students
  • preferential course selection
  • no additional cost for course overload related to Honors work, as approved by academic advisors
  • social events such as field trips, dinners, and access to notable speakers visiting campus
  • additional advising for external scholarships, graduate school placement, and career placement
  • special notation on transcript and recognition at Commencement
  • access to a network of Wilkes University Honors Program graduates

Students have enjoyed field trips to New York City and dinners on campus with distinguished speakers. Class experiences include visits to Broadway and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, creating a film, and crafting leadership-themed children’s books that were then read to classes at a nearby school.

Honors Advisory Council

  • Mark Allen, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Helen H. Davis, Associate Professor of English
  • Harvey Jacobs, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Anthony Kapolka, Associate Professor of Math and Computer Science
  • Suzanne Murray Galella, Associate Professor of Education
  • Sam Schmidt, Assistant Professor of Sports Management
  • Joyce Victor, Director of the Clinical Nursing Simulation Center
  • Nathaly Florez, Honors Graduate Assistant

Did you receive an honors invite?

  • Our Honors application will be available by Friday, October 19. Please check back then to apply.

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