Wilkes University

University Parking

Wilkes University Parking Permit Applications

Student Parking Permits

Vehicle information must be complete before parking permit will be accepted or issued.

  • $120 Permit Fee
  • You must apply each semester.
  • Questions should be directed to the Wilkes Parking Line at (570) 408-7275 or by email at parking@wilkes.edu.

NOTE: A semester fee is charged to all students receiving an on-campus parking permit. Wilkes University, and its authorized representatives, reserves the right to audit any and all parking applications. By clicking submit, you understand that if any of the information on this application is found to be fraudulent, a parking permit will not be issued or your parking permit will be revoked and your money will not be refunded.

Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

Every faculty/staff employee wishing to use parking facilities at Wilkes University campus (Monday through Friday, 7:00am – 4:00pm) must register their vehicle with Parking Services and, while parked on campus, properly display an authorized parking permit.

All permits remain the property of Wilkes University and must be returned upon request. Permits are specific to the employee and the vehicles (license plates) to which they are registered. Permits may not be transferred, sold or duplicated.

Any faculty/staff employee of the University or of an affiliated program, working on campus, is eligible for campus parking privileges, unless privileges have been revoked.

Vehicles may be registered for weekly or daily periods for employees who use vehicles on an occasional basis. One Day permits may be obtained at the University Police Station in the ground level of the UCoM Parking Garage.

Permit-holders are responsible for reporting address and license plate changes to Parking Services. Failure to report these changes may result in vehicles being towed from campus and unpaid tickets being sent to the registered vehicle owner.

  • Parking permit fees shall be paid through payroll deduction. Fees must be paid while in possession of the permit, regardless of use. Sabbatical, medical leave, or absence from the campus does not excuse the permit-holder from payment.
  • Payment is required unless the permit is returned to Parking Services. Failure to remit payment will result in permit revocation. Vehicles associated with revoked permits will be towed at the owner's expense.
  • Permits must be returned upon leave without pay, separation, retirement, or by request of Parking Services to end the responsibility of fees.

If a permit is lost or stolen, report the incident to Parking Services immediately. A non-refundable replacement processing fee of $25 will be assessed for sticker permits. The fee must be paid regardless of whether or not a new permit is issued. In the event of a stolen parking permit, Parking Services will request an incident report from University Police in lieu of replacement fees.

Appeal a Parking Citation

If you believe a citation was issued in error, or you may file an appeal with Parking Services. The Parking Manager will consider your parking citation history when making the final decision. ALL APPEAL DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Appeals
without merit will be rejected, and not all citations are eligible for appeal (see below).

The appellant is notified of the final decision. Direct all parking citation appeals to parking@wilkes.edu. Please provide your name, WIN, the number on your parking citation (located at the top right of the citation), your Wilkes parking permit number (if applicable), and the reason for your appeal. Any unpaid citations or violations will negatively affect your student/employee account. Please make sure all tickets are paid to avoid towing and other fines.

Please note that the following parking violations are not eligible for appeal:

  • Fraudulent/Altered/Unauthorized Permit
  • Handicapped Spaces
  • Revoked Privileges

Payment Method

Parking citations may be paid via the Bursar Office by cash, check, or money order. If
paying in person, please bring your parking citation to the Bursar Office, along with
the approved methods of payment.