Wilkes University

Bursar / Tuition Billing

The office of the Bursar / Tuition Billing provides financial services support to student’s parents’ faculty, staff, deans, department heads and administration. 

The office functions primarily as a the office depository for all university funds and is responsible for tuition billing, collection of tuition and fees, managing payment plans, processing student refunds and handling all university banking transactions.   

Email: billing@wilkes.edu

Tuition & fees: http://wilkes.edu/bulletin

Treasury management, under the Bursar’s  office, establishes secure pathways that facilitate payments and receipts for the protection of University financial resources. 

Contact Us

Anne Kotarski anne.kotarski@wilkes.edu (570) 408-4654
Cheryl Yustat Cheryl.yustat@wilkes.edu (570) 408-4658
Patricia Mangold patricia.mangold@wilkes.edu (570) 408-4653