Wilkes University

Pay Tuition and Related Charges

Bill Third Party you'll need:

a)  Your WIN
b)  The full name, address and company contact of the company or organization to be billed
c)  Course information
d)  IMPORTANT:  Graduating seniors are not eligible for deferment.

Non-Payment of Charges

Tuition Deferment - Employer Reimbursement you'll need:
a)  Your WIN
b)  Course invormation
c)  The employer is responsible for completing and signing a section of the document
d)  IMPORTANT:  Graduating seniors are not eligible for deferment

Tuition Deferment - Veterans you'll need:
a)  Your WIN
b)  Authorized signature of the Veterans Affairs Officer
c)  IMPORTANT:  A new request for deferral must be submitted to the Controller's Office, Student Accounts PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF EACH SEMESTER.

When a personal check offered to the University by a student as payment is returned by the Bank (a NSF Check), the Bursar’s Office will notify the student as soon as the University receives notice from the Bank. Wilkes University expects the student to immediately respond to this notice and pay the balance due, plus applicable service charges of $50 per returned check. A financial hold will be placed on the student’s account until payment is received.

If a NSF Check is received more than once by or on behalf of a student, that student will lose the opportunity to make future payments by personal check. All future payments made by or behalf of the student must be made with cash or by money order, cashier's check or credit card.

Checks returned because of bank errors will be re-deposited after written notification is received from the bank and a $50 service charge is paid by the student. No late registration fee is assessed for checks returned. Students should request reimbursement of the service charge from their bank.