Wilkes University

Centers and Institutes

Wilkes University Centers and Institutes

In addition to traditional academic programs, Wilkes helps to further academic and business pursuits through its involvement with other organizations. Please visit the websites listed below for much more information. 

  • The Family Business Alliance
    The Family Business Alliance provides world class services committed in supporting, strengthening and empowering local family owned businesses through educational programs, networking, counsel and guidance; so that success is achieved for both the business and the family.
  • Wilkes Institute for Environmental Science and Sustainability (WIESS)
    The mission of the Wilkes Institute for Environmental Sciences and Sustainability is to facilitate faculty and undergraduate research in ecology and environmental science, to offer enhanced educational opportunities for students with interests in the regional and global environment, and to address environmental concerns in Northeast Pennsylvania through sharing of information and promotion of sustainable life styles.

  • The Institute for Energy & Environmental Research (IEER)
    IEER site provides in-depth analysis of controversial topics relating to Marcellus drilling.  For each topic, we provide our own assessment, links to commentary by others, and an opportunity for moderated input by site users.