Wilkes University

Glossary of Degree Evaluation Terms


An area represents a subset of requirements within a program. This includes Total Credits, General Education, and Major requirements.


An attribute identifies specific characteristics of courses and students that can be used in degree evaluation.


Used to indicate “AND / OR” when determining if the requirements of an area have been met.

Entry Term:

This is the bulletin requirements that the evaluation will be run against.   In order to get accurate results, do not choose a term prior to entry at Wilkes.

Evaluation Term:
Choose the most recent term registered.
In Progress:

Courses a student has registered for but not yet completed are displayed in the degree evaluation, assuming successful completion at the end of the semester.


Indicates requirements for a program or area have been satisfied.   Requirements are at both the area level and at the individual rule and subject details within the area.

Not Met:

Indicates requirements for a program or area have not been satisfied.

Overall GPA:
Cumulative GPA for all courses taken at Wilkes.
Program GPA:

The GPA for all courses taken which belong to the requirements for that major.


The detailed specifics of what programs, areas, and groups encompass.   Requirements can be things such as the specific grades allowed, maximum

number of courses, and minimum GPAs.

Rules are established to determine complex requirements within a program or area. Conditions determine when the rule is satisfied, for example a requirement to take 2 of 5 possible courses.


The source indicates where the requirement comes from. The common sources are H for History, R for Registered, and T for Transfer credits.


Indicates the number of credits used for the degree evaluation. This includes courses in progress.


Indicates the number of credits not used in the degree evaluation. This includes courses with a grade of less than 1.0 or withdrawn courses.


Allows students and advisors the means to audit student’s coursework against any selected degree program at Wilkes.