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President's Strategic Initiatives

President's Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

President Patrick F. Leahy’s plan to make Wilkes University one of the finest small universities in the country is outlined in the Gateway to the Future Strategic Plan and the additional strategic initiatives he has put in place since arriving at Wilkes in 2012.

Below is more information regarding the Strategic Plan and the additional initiatives.

The Gateway to the Future Strategic Plan is the product of the 20-member Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) that began its work in March of 2013. The Plan is firmly rooted in the University’s Mission, Vision and Values. The Plan will guide how Wilkes University builds on its unique strengths and invests its resources to achieve its exciting future.

Gateway to the Future Strategic Plan

The President's Medal — Wilkes University's highest honor — is bestowed annually on individuals whose personal and professional lives reflect the highest aspirations of Wilkes University.  This award is presented to deserving individuals at the annual Founders Gala celebration

The President's Medal   Founder's Gala

The President’s Awards for Excellence recognize outstanding achievements of University faculty and staff who have gone above and beyond to serve our students. The award categories reflect Wilkes University’s key values: Mentorship, Scholarship, Diversity, Innovation and Community.

The President’s Awards for Excellence

Wilkes is one of only 12 colleges in the United States to participate in the MEDUCA-Bilingual Panama program, which provides immersive educational and cultural experiences to visiting Panamanian teachers. As part of a historic partnership, Wilkes will also offer educational opportunities to Panama’s diplomatic corps and collaborate with four Panamanian universities.

Wilkes In Panama    MEDUCA-Bilingual Panama program