Wilkes University

RA Selection Process

Office of Residence Life
Selection & Recruitment 2018-2019


Show us what you're made of... 

Apply to become part of the second largest team on campus! 

 Minimum qualifications for the Resident Assistant position are:
(1) GPA of 2.25 or higher
(2) Good standing with the University
(3) Have lived in a residence hall for at least one year or if you are a commuter/ off campus student you must be actively involved on campus
(4) Enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student. 

Applications will be  available online starting Monday, November 28th. Please go to your My On Campus Housing & Dining.  Click Application and select Resident Assistant Application (Spring 2018). Applications are due in January. You are required to have two references! Please send them the link which is found here

  • RA Information session (must attend one):
    • TBD
  • RA Application due: TBD
  • Group Process: TBD
    • All must attend. 
    • Location: UCOM
  • Individual Interviews: TBD
    • You will sign up for your interview after the application deadline. 
  • RA Class: TBD
    If you are selected as an RA, you must attend all sessions in UCOM 231.
  • What is Group Process?

Group process is a formal part of the selection and recruitment process and is mandatory for you to attend if you wish to be considered for the RA position. Group process is a time where we are able to watch you interact with other RA candidates. This portion of the process gives insight into teamwork, leadership, and critical thinking. Current RAs, RSAs, and Central Staff observe the small groups. You will be given time at the end of your session to complete a self-evaluation and comment on the activities of the day.

  • Some helpful tips for Group Process.
    • Dress is business casual. Jeans are acceptable with a dress shirt. Please do not wear athletic wear.
    • It is imperative that you arrive on time – we will start without you!
    • Bring a writing instrument as well as a notebook.
    • Be prepared to interact with other candidates.
    • We will eat lunch in the cafeteria. Please bring your Wilkes ID. If you do not have a weekend meal plan, we will pay for your meal.
    • Get plenty of rest the night before, you have a long day ahead of you!

What will we ask of you in the Formal Interview?

  • Dress is business casual. Look professional. If you need help prior to your interview, do not hesitate to contact Career Services!
    Your presentation: Be Creative! Prepare a 7 minute presentation on why you should be hired as a Resident Assistant for the upcoming academic year. You may use visual aids or just yourself! Preparation and rehearsal is key! We will have a computer and projector available if needed.
  • Here are some prompts to think about, please do not feel obligated to answer all of them:
    • Why did you decide to apply for the RA position?
    • How did you learn about the position?
    • Describe your concept of the RA position.
    • What are some lifestyle changes you will need to make to accommodate the RA position?
    • Getting to know people who are like us is pretty easy. As an RA, you are required to reach out to students on your floor who are disconnected or different. How would you do this?
    • What role does developing a sense of community play for RA's?
    • Describe to us your past experience on a team. What role did you play?
    • Describe/identify the characteristics of effective communication. How do you model these characteristics?
    • What has been your past experience (s) in working with people of other cultures? How would this experience relate to being an RA?
    • Describe a situation from a former job or experience when you knew you were dealing with a situation that was more than you can handle. What did you do?
    • How would you handle a resident on your floor that was having a negative impact on the community?
    • It is often said that RA's live in a fishbowl. What are your thoughts on that?
    • What part of the position will be the biggest challenge for you? How will you overcome that?
    • Do you work better under pressure, or do you prefer to plan ahead? Please give an example of a time when you had to work the opposite way in which you desire to work.
    • Tell us about a project you initiated and followed through to completion.
    • What is a cultural program in which you would like to do with your residents?