Wilkes University

Return of Property

Return of Property

Employees are responsible for items issued to them by Wilkes University or in their possession or control, as represented in the following list. This list is not exhaustive and is intended merely to be illustrative.

  • client/donor lists
  • credit cards
  • equipment
  • identification badges
  • keys
  • manuals
  • phones/pagers
  • protective equipment
  • tools
  • uniforms
  • vehicles

All Wilkes University property must be returned by employees on or before their last day of work. Where permitted by applicable laws, Wilkes University may withhold from the employee's check or final paycheck the cost of any items that are not returned when required. Wilkes University may also take all action deemed appropriate to recover or protect its property.

Effective: 2/1/2004
Reviewed: 01/2019