Wilkes University

Academic Planning Committee

Academic Planning Committee


In pursuit of the Wilkes University mission, the charge of the APC is to serve three functions:

1) To monitor and advise on the shape of the university’s academic portfolio in the context of the university’s strategic plan; and ensure that new programs are consistent with the university’s Mission, Vision and Values as articulated.

2) To advise on the academic and fiscal feasibility of new programs and/or significant existing program changes within the context of the university academic program portfolio mix; and

3) To communicate throughout the university and coordinate academic program portfolio changes by defining, developing, and communicating procedures and criteria for proposals for significant new program additions or changes.

Reports to: Provost, Strategic Planning Committee


APC Co-Chair: Linda Winkler
Phone: (570) 408-4605

APC Co-Chair: Anthony Kapolka
Phone: (570) 408-4847


Abel Adekola   Dean, Sidhu School of Business abel.adekola@wilkes.edu
Amanda Imbalzano non-voting Student Member amanda.imbalzano@wilkes.edu
Anne Skleder ex-officio non-voting Senior Vice President/Provost anne.skleder@wilkes.edu
Linda Winkler  Co-Chair Professor Anthropology linda.winkler@wilkes.edu
Anthony Kapolka  Co-Chair Associate Professor, Math & Computer Science kapolka@wilkes.edu
Bernard Graham   Dean, Nesbitt School of Pharmacy bernard.graham@wilkes.edu
Brian Bogert ex-officio non-voting Director, Institutional Research brian.bogert@wilkes.edu
Courtney Lomax ex-officio non-voting Manager Budget - Analysis courtney.lomax@wilkes.edu
Deborah Zbegner   Dean, School of Nursing deborah.zbegner@wilkes.edu
Diane Polachek   Professor, Education - Undergraduate diane.polachek@wilkes.edu
Edward Schicatano   Associate Professor, Psychology edward.schicatano@wilkes.edu
John Stachacz   Dean, Library and IT john.stachacz@wilkes.edu
Nicole Pezzino   Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice nicole.pezzino@wilkes.edu
Paul Riggs   Dean, Arts Humanities Social Sciences paul.riggs@wilkes.edu
Rabbitt, Rhonda   Dean, School of Education rhonda.rabbitt@wilkes.edu
Ruth Hughes   Assistant Professor, Sidhu School of Business ruth.hughes@wilkes.edu
Steven Thomas   Professor/Chair, Performing Arts steven.thomas@wilkes.edu
Susan Malkemes   Associate Professor/Chair, Nursing - Undergraduate susan.malkemes@wilkes.edu
Thomas Thomas   Dean, University College thomas.thomas@wilkes.edu
William Hudson   Dean, Science and Engineering william.hudson@wilkes.edu
Paul Adams ex-officio non-voting Vice President, Student Affairs