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Civic Engagement in the Community

The community service portion of Wilkes University’s First Year Student Orientation is unique and provides incoming students with the early opportunity to experience what the campus community is all about. Volunteering within the local Wilkes-Barre area offers beneficial hands on interactions with residents, business owners, and non-profit organizations to new students. Some work done in previous orientation years includes tutoring children, playing with animals, visiting with elderly residents in nursing homes, repairing and cleaning up gardens, and much more. 

Why do first-year students do community service?

Wilkes students, faculty and staff (yep, the whole institution) contributed over 75,000 hours of recorded service last year- that's a big deal! You will be doing service in your FYF classes, nursing, pharmacy, engineering, education, we could list them all, but let's just say there is service in every major. Service is what Wilkes does. You may have the opportunity to do service along side some of your faculty. Contributing your time, energy and talent in the community helps to knit you not only with Wilkes University community, but with the community of Wilkes-Barre.

I've never done community service- it makes me a little nervous. Who will lead my experience?

Have no fear! Your mentor will be with you every step of the way working along side you during your experience.

How will I find out about my community service site?

Your mentor will be corresponding with you via e-mail all summer with important updates. If you have any service related questions please message Harrison Eckert at orientation@wilkes.edu or call 570-408-4014.

How will I get there?

Wilkes will provide transportation or you will be walking. Your mentor will let you know if you will be walking to your site.

Do I need to bring anything?

We will provide any supplies that the sites recommend, such as work gloves and trash bags. We will also provide plenty of water, snacks, bug spray and sunscreen!

What should I wear for my service site?

Wilkes Colonels are tough- we will do service Rain or Shine (barring thunderstorms)! You will be provided a t-shirt for your morning of service.
You will need to bring with you:

  • long pants
  • worn in sneakers or work boots (DO NOT wear flip flops or sandals)
  • poncho/rain coat
  • sunglasses/hat
  • smiling faces (we love to take group before and after pics!)
I looked at my schedule and I have my advisor meeting at 10:00am on Monday morning when I should be doing service. What should I do?

Please contact Harrison Eckert.

Oh no, I broke my leg three weeks before orientation and I'm at a walking site outside digging holes to plant trees with the City of Wilkes Barre! Who should I contact!?

Please contact Harrison Eckert.


Here is a sneak peak at some of the sites students will be volunteering at this summer:


Civic Engagement within the Community

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