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Fundraising Request Form

Prior to beginning any fundraising efforts, students are required to complete this form and wait for approval from the Office of Student Development. A separate fundraising application form must be completed and approved for each fundraising activity.

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  • *Student groups must have a University fund number to receive approval for a revenue generating fundraiser. All proceeds from a fundraising activity must be deposited into a University account within two days of the activity.

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  • Is this fundraiser associated with an academic course or program?
  • If yes, please note that this application does not represent an endorsement of the academic merit of your proposal. You must work directly with your course instructor to receive approval on matters related to academic rigor, content, and objectives.

  • 2. Will you be using the Wilkes name, logo, or artwork on your merchandise or promotional materials?
  • If yes, you must provide a written approval from the Marketing Communications Department. (Contact John Csordas - john.csordas@wilkes.edu). The written approval can be submitted to the Office of Student Development, first floor, Henry Student Center.

  • 3. Does your fundraising activity involve agreements with any outside groups/vendors?
  • If yes, you must submit the appropriate contract to the Procurement Office (e.g., Agreement for Services, Consultant Agreement, Entertainment Agreement, Volunteer Agreement). Contact Alicia Bond - alicia.bond@wilkes.edu.

  • 4. Is this fundraiser intended to collect monies to benefit a non-profit organization?
  • If yes, you must provide a letter from a representative of the non-profit organization (on company letterhead) authorizing you to move forward with your proposed project. ). The letter can be submitted to the Office of Student Development.

  • 5. Will the monetary donations from this fundraiser be collected directly by a non-profit organization?
  • If yes, you must request a receipt from the organization that delineates the total funds raised and forward it the Coordinator of Civic Engagement. Contact Megan Boone Valkenburg – megan.boone@wilkes.edu.

  • 6. Does this fundraiser involve off-campus solicitation?
  • If yes, please provide a list of all proposed contacts to the Office of Advancement. Contact Luciana Musto, Director of Prospect Management and Advancement Operations, at luciana.musto@wilkes.edu or (570) 408-4155.

    **Solicitation of alumni, foundations and grant sources is prohibited.** 
  • General Rules and Regulations

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  • I have read and understand the fundraising policy and agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations listed therein.

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